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Our smart plug & play wiring harness makes connection of light bars and driving lights simple. Built in electronics eliminate the need for cutting and splicing any wires. It’s as quick and easy as unplugging the H4 or HB3 adaptor on the back of your vehicles headlight, plugging in our inline adaptor and that’s it.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is positively or negatively switched, a 1970 or 2016 model, this smart plug and play wiring loom will work without any modification required to your vehicle.





Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
  • Switch30 amp fuse
  • 40 amp relay
  • DT waterproof connector
  • UV protected conduit
  • Heavy duty cabling throughout

The most common plugs found on headlight assemblies are HB3 or H4. In the event your vehicle is different, you may need to splice in to the wiring however the harness will still be compatible.


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